Asymmetrical Grecian Skirt




Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information

When Victoria walked past me I swear the little voice in my head went “Phwoarrr…”.  Victoria exuded an air of sophistication despite her casual dressing. Her outfit, though simple, was well matched. She looked breezy comfy in her graphic tee, asymmetrical Grecian skirt and gladiator sandals.

The asymmetrical drape on her skirt, featured in the form of tucks and folds, added volume to the otherwise rigid symmetrical silhouette. A little twist in your outfit can make it entirely different altogether!

Break away from traditional lines and be bold, be experimental~!

I hope all of you had a great last day at school! Mugger-mania now~ But it’ll all be over before you know it so keep going! Good luck for the exams once again, and see all of you back here soon~ ^^

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